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Application Projects

Application Report (to be done in pairs): (Proposal due February 15, 2011, Project due: March 2, 2011)

Use an existing software tool, such as Spotfire, Tableau, HCE, TimeSearcher, Treemap, or NodeXL to thoroughly explore a data set of your choice. Report what you found in the form of three headlines that highlight key features, insights, and significant findings. Present 3-6 informative displays (be sure to include legends, make labels readable, and write thoughtful captions) and write 500-1000 words explaining what you have found. Include your name, email address, date, and affiliation. Please describe the data sets you use, indicating number of items and attributes, as well as the source and URL. Critique the tools you used, describing positive aspects, problems you encountered, and suggestions for improvements.

Your proposal (due by email to on Tuesday morning 10am Feb 15, 2011) should give a title, the names/emails of the two team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, plus its source. Your Application Report teammate should be different from your team mates for your Semester Project.

Reports are due with links to documents on the page (below) by class March 2, 2011.

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Application Project Teams


Team Grampo
Nick Gramsky and Tomas Lampo - Evaluating the Nation of Neighbors Dataset with Spotfire

Sigfried Gold and Hsueh-Chien Cheng Visualizing Web Log with LifeFlow

Team Overflow (Spotfire)
Ran Liu and Adil Yalcin Analysis of patterns in Q/A websites

Team NetMiners (NodeXL,ManyEyes)
Viet-An Nguyen and Udayan Khurana Eurovision Song Contest: Who votes Whom?


Jorge Faytong and Robert Gove - The Rise and Change of Diversity in Maryland's Counties from 2000 to 2010

Team PomPom
Varun Nagaraja and Hyunjong Cho - Analysis of Urban Traffic Congestion Trends and its Effects

Team Maryland
Sameh Khamis and Marcelo Velloso
We used Spotfire to visualize the recently released Maryland-specific 2010 census data from the US Census Bureau, and augmented our dataset with the 2000 census data for comparison.

Analysis Report


Team FoodPricer
Sravanthi Bondugula and Xi Chen(Stephen) Analysis of Food Prices in Different Regions, Divisions and Market Groups


Ben London and Austin Myers - Education Since No Child Left Behind


Team Water World -- Leonardo Claudino and Nishant Patel
We plan to enter the World Water Day Visualization Challenge, using global data from The World Bank and other related sources. We will use the Google Public Data Explorer to visualize the data.

Report: File:ApplicationProjectWaterWorld.pdf

Team WaterWater
Preeti Bhargava and Emre Sefer - Visualizing the relationship between world development indicators about water and economic growth

Team Toxic
Michael Whidby and Jay Pujara. Studying data from the government's "Toxic Release Inventory"
Application Project Writeup
Application Project Presentation


Team Cancer
Rose Kirby and Christine Lu - We used cancer data from the National Cancer Institute ( SEER Cancer Data

Team Supermen
Chanhyun Kang and Kotaro Hara - Analysis Report International Health Expenditures and Outcomes

Team Life (Spotfire)
Leslie Milton and Uran Oh -Life Expectancy at Birth