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Homework #1 (Critique of New York Times visualization): (due: 2/2/2011)

Based on your experience with a New York Times interactive visualization, write a critique (300-500 words, include the URL of what you are critiquing), as a letter to the designers. Describe what you like and why, then make suggestions for improvements and, where possible, give URLs for examples that illustrate your points.

Choose from interactive visualizations created during 2010-2011. Here is a starter list: NY Times Visualizations: Recent Additions

You can organize your critique by way of large issues (choice of services, intended users, etc.), medium issues (use of color, interaction techniques, etc.), and small issues (terminology, label placement, color, fonts, etc.). Consider the design from the novice & expert perspectives, small/large screen, slow/fast network, and try to find errors/bugs. Another approach to a critique might be by using the Eight Golden Rules from "Designing the User Interface" (Chapter 2 in any edition), or see http://groups.drupal.org/node/8248

Put a link with your name in alphabetical order by last name just below on this wiki page. In your critique include your name, email address, date, and affiliation.

Homework #1:

Please add your name and link to your letter between noon and 3pm Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I've worked with Staff and Adil Yalcin to fix the problem, you should be able to edit now. Also if you are uploading a file that link is on the left side. Ben Shneiderman

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