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Homework #2 (ManyEyes application): (due: 2/9/2011)

Go to a web site, e.g. Data.gov , National Center for Health Statistics or others listed on the Quality Repositories page. Look at their many data sets to find one that interests you. Choose something of significance, which might produce noteworthy newspaper headlines.

Download the data and use ManyEyes to make three useful informative visual displays. For each one you should include a provocative headline that tells a story. My preference is for your to do three different visualizations with one set of data, enabling you to explore the data in depth, but if you use different data sets that's OK. The main idea is to think about what makes some aspect of the data interesting, what makes a headline (for example the surprising presence or absence of some pattern), or what makes for a provocative insight. This forces you to think of the application domain and what the meaning of the data is, not just see it as a set of data points.

Do your best to make the information stand out clearly by choosing appropriate comments, labels, legends, colors, etc. Add a small comment on ManyEyes with your headline to tell the story. Add your name in alphabetical order on this wiki page, followed by thumbnails and the headlines as three ManyEyes URLs.

For background, read:

Many Eyes: A Site for Visualization at Internet Scale, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Frank van Ham, Jesse Kriss, Matt McKeon, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (2007).

Harry Potter and the Meat-Filled Freezer: A Case Study of Spontaneous Usage of Visualization Tools, Fernanda B. Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Matt McKeon, Frank van Ham, Jesse Kriss, HICSS (2008).

Your Place or Mine? Visualization as a Community Component, Catalina M. Danis, Fernanda B. Viegas, Martin Wattenberg & Jesse Kriss, ACM CHI Conference (2008).

Please add your name and link to your three headlines from ManyEyes between noon and 3pm Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preeti Bhargava

1) Obesity paychecks.png - Fatter paycheck promotes a leaner look

2) Oscars.png - Katharine Hepburn has more oscars than any actor or actress

3) Plang.png - Object oriented languages still top popularity charts!

Sravanthi Bondugula

1) Nonimmigrantstatistics.png - UK,Japan and Mexico: Top Contributors to NonImmigrant Population

2) Foodcaloriechart.png - Avoid these to be healthy: Roasted Duck, Potato Skin with Cheese and Bacon

3) Flickrtagfrequencies.png - Nature is the frequently used tag in Flickr

Xi Chen

1) 001.png - How large is the income gap in each state?

2) 002.png - Family income VS inequality in the US

3) 003.png - Is median income and inequalitiy tied in US states?

Hsueh-Chien Cheng

Who are the mothers of newborns in the US 2009?
Hydrochloric Acid is the dominating air pollutant in Maryland
Hydrochloric Acid is mostly used by electric industry

Leonardo Claudino
Claudino-hw2-thumb1.jpg -- The color of breast cancer: race stats of breast cancer incidences in the South Atlantic region of America from 1999-2006

Claudino-hw2-thumb2.jpg -- From 1999-2006, Florida stood out as the state with more cases of breast cancer among white and black women of the South Atlantic region of the US. DC had the lowest number of cases.

Claudino-hw2-thumb3.jpg -- Alarming increase of breast cancer among black and white women of the South Atlantic region.

Jorge Faytong

JF REL.png
- Religions around the world; The volumes of our faiths.
JF COF.png
- Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE! Who is the most addicted?
JF TDF.png
- Tour de France -Biking your way to glory-

Robert Gove

1) Male-industries.png - Industries with higher percent of male employees pay females more fairly

2) Dc-gender-gap.png - The gender gap in pay is lower in DC than the national average

3) Finance-education-industries.png - Only the Finance and Education industries have more women than men

Nick Gramsky

1) Map.jpg - Luck of the draw - Influence of birth state on pro sports

2) Nfl players bubble.jpg - Want to be an NFL player? Try attending one of these schools!

3) Stacked graph age.jpg - Mid-life crisis? 35-55 year olds spend more on misc. expenses

Kotaro Hara

1) Mean of trans.png - How do you get to your office?

2) Num of imm.png - Where your neighbors come from

3) Lang spoken.png - Language spoken at home - 1 in 4 speak other than English

Chanhyun Kang

(1) Comparison.players.png - How could Spain National Soccer team win the final match in Worldcup 2010?

(2) Whoisthebestpasser.png - Who is the best passer in the final match of Worldcup 2010?

(3) ComparisonPositions.png - The spain soccer team dominate the final match of Worldcup 2010 over most of positions.

Sameh Khamis

(1) Obesity.jpg - African-Americans have a significantly higher obesity rate, and southern states have higher numbers regardless of race.

(2) Gender.jpg - The US is only the 37th country in gender equality, followed closely by China and Russia!

(3) Cancer.jpg - Cancer is slowly replacing heart disease as the new leading cause of death.

Udayan Khurana
Fbtm.png Commenting is what people do most on Facebook.com
Mobilemap.png Russia, Saudi Arabia & Italy have the highest mobile penetration
Twitppwc.png 'Information' is the keyword at Twitter

Rose Kirby
(1) PercentageOfAbortions.png - Percentage of abortions under 10 weeks of gestation constant since 1980

(2) RatesOfNew.png - Rates of new & repeat abortions stabilized post-legalization

(3) NoMajorIncrease.png - No major increase in repeat induced abortions over past 20 years

Tomas Lampo

TL CH.png
- Chavez strongly supported by Antonio Diaz County in Delta Amacuro
TL DRS.png
- Florida is the State with Most Prisoners on a Death Row
TL DRG.png
- Most Prisoners on a Death Row are White Males

Ran Liu

-Craving for a higher salary? Be a doctor
-better shape is you earn more money!
-Facebook: conquer the world, one country at a time!

Ben London

New York Leads in Per-Student Spending
DC Excels in Pre-K Enrollment
Public school teaching vs. food budgets close in some states

Christine Lu

Marine Threatened areas vs Threatened Fish Species
Percent Women in Government Parliament shows regional influences
Only 1 country with 50percent of government parliament women

Leslie Milton

Research and Development-A High Priority for Canada
How Safe Are Colleges and Universities in Maryland?
California Leads With the Highest Murder Rate in 2009

Austin Myers

MyersHW2 1.png
- Genetic Engineering Research Focuses on Corn and Soy
MyersHW2 2.png
- Monsanto Dominates Genetic Engineering Ventures in Agriculture
MyersHW2 3.png
- The Growth of Major Genetic Engineering Companies

Varun Nagaraja

  1. Degrees earned over decades.png
    Females have comfortably overtaken Males in total number of degrees earned
  2. Relative earnings.png
    Strikingly similar gender bias(?) in earnings at all levels of education!
  3. Doctoral degrees field gender.png
    Is the female proportion more in less lucrative areas?

Viet-An Nguyen

  1. Maryland demographics.png Know your neighbors: The demographics of Maryland counties
  2. Worldmap ecological footprint.png Which countries reserve the ecological system the best?
  3. Treemap ecological footprint.png Country Population vs. Ecological (Deficit) or Reserve

Uran Oh

  1. Mini price.jpg The Most Expensive Product in Amazon's top 100 Registry
  2. Mini review.jpg What Products People Tend To Write Reviews Of?
  3. Mini score.jpg About 65 Percent of Amazon's Top 100 Registry Is Kitchen Stuff!

Nishant Patel

Jay Pujara

Emre Sefer

1- Europe's population percentage keeps decreasing as Years Pass

2- State Rankings for number of students are almost independent of grades of students

3- American Indian Women are more resistant to deaths caused by Aids

Marcelo Velloso

1.) Baltimore is Maryland's Toxic Chemical King. 2.) Worried About Cancer? 23.1% of Chemicals Released in Maryland in 2009 were Carcinogens. 3.) Brandon Shores & Wagner Complex and Luke Paper Company Are Two of the Major Maryland Facilities Releasing Chemicals into the Environment.

Michael Whidby

  1. Race by far the Leading Motivator for Hate Crimes in 2006.
  2. South Dakota has most Hate Crimes per 100,000 Citizens in 2006.
  3. Vandalism, Intimidation Most Common Type of Hate Crimes in 2006.

Adil Yalcin

  1. AY ManyEyes2.png Efforts in generating electricity from renewable energy sources shows to have no substantial affect over last 10 years in European countries.
  2. AY ManyEyes3.png Computer use within EU communities have reached 75 percent in average, and some European countries (Turkey and Romania) doubled their ratio in 8 years.
  3. AY ManyEyes1.png Social protection expenditure is raising faster in countries with lower expenditures, effectively reducing the gap between countries.

Hyunjong Cho

(1) Harmony.jpg - Hybrid! Harmony between man, nature, and machine.

(2) Fear.jpg - Hybrid! Do not fear red lights.

(3) Distinguishing.jpg - Hybrid! The most distinguishing word.