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Term Projects

Term Projects (to be done in teams of 3-5 students): (Proposal due February 22, 2011)

Create a new software tool to solve a problem for your customer (someone outside the class). Your proposal (due by email to on Tuesday morning 10am Feb 22, 2011) should give a title, the names/emails of the 3-5 team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, and who your customer is. Your Term Project teammates should be different from your team mates for your Application Project.

By May 4: Typical organization for the final report would include an abstract (which describe the innovative results), Introduction (describe problem and current state of existing solutions), Previous & Related work, Your solution, Design issues, Implementation, Evaluation, Discussion, Future Work/Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Credits. Video (2-6 min) and Demo (if possible).

Revision of paper, video, demo are OK up to May 11.

By May 18, post slides.

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Term Project Teams

Please enter your project title and team members

MusicDigger - The Music Discovery Tool
-- Languages/Libraries used: C++ / OpenREng / OpenGL / SQLite / CEGUI / LibCurl

NetEvViz: Visualizing the Evolution of Networks -- NodeXL(C#)

NetFlow: Overview visualizations of temporal network evolution

  • Robert Gove, Nick Gramsky, Rose Kirby, Emre Sefer
  • Tools: Java/Prefuse/JUNG
  • [Report v1.0] | Video | [Code]

Team NewsTrust: Insights into News Reviews & Reviewers-- Java/Prefuse

Research Journal Network - Studying author collaboration and recurring themes -- PHP + MySQL + Javascript

TwinList: Visualizing List Differences -- Adobe Flash / Prefuse Flare

VerseVis Text Visualization Tool -- Java JRE 6/Java Swing/AWT