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Sign up to do at least one Critique, but you may do more for extra credit. Critiques should highlight the positive features of the project, report, and video, then make suggestions for improvements that can be accomplished in the next few days. Comments could cover presentation of problem & solution, description of related work, references, figures, evaluation, future work, and writing style, spelling fixes, grammar, etc.

Critiques should be sent by Monday December 3 (by 6pm) to the members of the team you are critiquing and to, who will grade these for the degree of helpfulness to the team.

Add your name following the project you plan to critique. There should be a maximum of 5 reviewers per project:

Flight Patterns: Visualizing Air Traffic Patterns Over the United States - (JavaScript, D3, jQuery UI)

  • Mossaab Bagdouri, Chenglin Chen, Chris Musialek, Sheng Zha, Rongjian Lan, Jianyu Li

Biomass Assessment Tools - Javascript, D3, jQuery

  • Brendan Fruin, Jessie Chen, Fan Yang, Samet Ayhan, Johnny Wu

Exploring Topic Convergence in Social Networks Over Time with NodeXL - NodeXL(C#), d3, jQuery, (Python for the backend)

  • Snigdha Chaturvedi, Zahra Ashktorab, Scott Abromowitz, Philip Dasler, Hanseung Lee

Packed-Rectangles: A Visualization for Clustered Graphs -NodeXL(C#)

  • Minhazur Rahman, Panagis Papadatos (Pano), Sana Malik, Yulu Wang, Alison Smith

Finding and Replacing Temporal Motifs: Strategies for Simplifying Visual Analytics and Discovery of Event Sequences - (JAVA)

  • Brendan Fruin, Philip Dasler, Sana Malik, Lyndsey Franklin, Yulu Wang

EpiViz: a visual analytic tool for genomic features (D3, jQuery UI)

  • Minhazur Rahman, Fan Yang, Johnny Wu, Hua He, Alison Smith, Chris Musialek

Tool for Resource Insight, Allocation, and Graphical Evaluation (TRIAGE) (D3, jQuery UI)

  • Allan Fong, Florin Chelaru, Lyndsey Franklin, Yulu Wang, Bryan(Dung) Ta, Snigdha Chaturvedi, Samet Ayhan

Traffic Trender: Traffic Bottleneck Analysis Tool

  • Mike Szaszy, Scott Abromowitz, Jessie Chen, Jianyu Li, Samet Ayhan, Bryan(Dung) Ta, Zahra Ashktorab