Homework Number 2

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Homework #2: Social media/network analysis using NodeXL (Due on 11/8/2012)

Use NodeXL (http://www.codeplex.com/nodexl) to analyze and display your network. Get a network to work with (100-1000 nodes is reasonable, but larger or smaller ones like the class members are acceptable). You can get a network from any one of these sources:

1) Import part of your Outlook email using NodeXL

2) Import a twitter network using NodeXL

3) Get another network

4) Create a network, e.g. the partnerships in this course, your family/friends, or a citation network

Explore with NodeXL, then describe the data, create 3 screengrabs with 3 headlines of what you found. For each headline, add a paragraph of text explaining what you did and a paragraph of what you found that was an interesting insight. Close with a paragraph critique of your NodeXL experience, describing positive aspects, problems you encountered, and suggestions for improvements.

Link to your PDF report below in the wiki. Always include you names, emails, and the date. This is due by 10pm on Thursday November 8, 2012.



Abromowitz, Scott - United States Supreme Court - PDF

Ashktorab, Zahra - Town Hall Tweets - PDF

Zha, Sheng - Political Preferences of Mass Media - PDF

Franklin, Lyndsey - Who do the Candidates Follow? - PDF

Musialek, Chris - Patterns in Congressional Earmarks - PDF


Ayhan, Samet - US Airlines' Route Networks - PDF

Fong, Allan - Metro Ridership - PDF

Citation Network:

Chaturvedi, Snigdha - Understanding the Natural Language Processing Community : Comment: good analysis and pre-processing.

Lee, Hanseung - Infovis, VAST, and CHI co-author network analysis - PDF

Lan, Rongjian - DBLP Coauthor Network of InfoVis Conference Program Committee - PDF


Papadatos, Panagis - Who cares about the HCIL? - PDF

Chelaru, Florin - A view of the world through the eyes of Wikipedia

Chen, Jessie - Drupal Community on Twitter Network Analysis - PDF

Bagdouri, Mossaab - An Egocentric Facebook Network - PDF

Li, Jianyu - Find BING users in Twitter - PDF

Wu, Johnny - StackOverflow Community: The Top 5 Tags - PDF : Comment: well written.


Chen, Chenglin - Analysis of Stock Browsing Patterns on Yahoo Finance site - PDF

Fruin, Brendan - World Trade Analysis - PDF

Sports and Entertainment:

Smith, Alison - Exploring the NFL - PDF

Szaszy, Mike - The Tennis Oligarchy - PDF

Dasler, Philip - Modern Board Game Collections - PDF

Yang, Fan - Analysis of Movie Rating Network - PDF

Rahman, Kazi Minhazur - Weighing The Heaviest Band Of All Time - PDF | PDF v2


Ta, Bryan(Dung) - Visualization of Human Disorders and Genes Network - PDF

Wang, Yulu - Adolescent Health Networks Analysis - PDF

He, Hua - Analyzing 19th Century Novels via Social Networks - PDF

Malik, Sana - Tag Usage in Highly Viewed Photos on Flickr (PDF) : Comment: Like the way it is organized. Easy to follow.