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Sign up to do at least one Critique, but you may do more for extra credit. Critiques should highlight the positive features of the project, report, and video, then make suggestions for improvements that can be accomplished in the next few days. Comments could cover presentation of problem & solution, description of related work, references, figures, evaluation, future work, and writing style, spelling fixes, grammar, etc.

Critiques should be sent by Monday December 9 (by 6pm) to the members of the team you are critiquing and to, who will grade these for the degree of helpfulness to the team.

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MetroViz: Visual Analysis of Public Transportation Data - (D3)

  • Ruofei Du, Mahfuza Sharmin, Meethu Malu, Tiffany Chao, Kent Wills, Jon Gluck, Jin Sun, Yuwei Cui, Hitesh Maidasani, Isaac Julien, Milad Gholami

EventScope: Extension of Pair Finder to Find Discriminative Event Patterns - (Web, Highcharts, Additions to EventFlow)

  • Chris Imbriano, Alex Memory, James Parker, Joshua Brule

ViralViz: Visualizing Temporal Content Flow in Social Networks

  • Chris Imbriano, Mahfuza Sharmin, Kent Wills, James Parker, Hao Li, Michael Sorensen, Varun Manjunatha

Party Tracker: Visualizing Changes in Party Affiliation over Time

  • Nick Fung, Matthew Mauriello, Tiffany Chao, Joshua Brule, Jon Gluck, Shobeir Fakhraei, Gregory Kramida, Milad Gholami, Fan Du

FloorPlanVis: Visualizing Foot Traffic to make Informative Decisions

  • Peter Enns, Fan Du, Yoav Segev, Mohit Iyyer, Souvik Bhattacherjee, Joshua Bradley, Jin Sun, Yuwei Cui, Andres Arellano, Gregory Kramida, Matthew Mauriello

Twitter Trendfinder: Visualization and analysis of Twitter trends

  • Hitesh Maidasani, Michael Sorensen, Meethu Malu, Joshua Bradley, Souvik Bhattacherjee, Shobeir Fakhraei, Varun Manjunatha,