Homework Number 2

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Homework #2: Network analysis using NodeXL (Due on 11/12/2013, Tuesday 10pm)

Use NodeXL (http://www.codeplex.com/nodexl) to analyze and display your social media or other network. Get a network to work with (100-1000 nodes is reasonable, but larger or smaller ones like the class members are acceptable). You can get a network from any one of these sources:

1) Import part of your Outlook email using NodeXL

2) Import a twitter/youtube/flickr network using NodeXL

3) Import a publication citation or other network

4) Create a network, e.g. the partnerships in this course, your family/friends, or a citation network

Explore with NodeXL, then describe the data, create 3 screengrabs with 3 headlines of what you found. For each headline, add a paragraph of text explaining what you did and a paragraph of what you found that was an interesting insight. Close with a paragraph critique of your NodeXL experience, describing positive aspects, problems you encountered, and suggestions for improvements.

If you prefer, you may use Gephi for this homework. If you want to use other tools, please send me email (ben@cs.umd.edu)

Link to your PDF report below in the wiki. Always include you names, emails, and the date.

Marc Smith's Blog Post on NodeXL projects


Facebook / Twitter

Arellano, Andres (aarella at umd.edu) Analyzing my Facebook Network (Gephi) 2013-11-12

Fung, Nick (nfung13@gmail.com) Twitter Activity Concerning Typhoon Haiyan 2013-11-12

Gao, Peixin (gaopei@umd.edu) Exploring Facebook Friendship Network with NodeXL 2013-11-14

Li, Hao (haoli@cs.umd.edu) Personal Facebook Graph Visualization using NodeXL 2013-11-12

Mauriello, Matthew The Walking Dead, Hershel, and Twitter *Spoiler Alert* 2013-11-12

Wills, Kent (rkw14 at umd edu) Personal Facebook Graph Exploration with Hierarchical Networks 2013-11-12

Web / Online

Bradley, Joshua (jgbradley1@gmail.com): Exploring Multiple Email Contact Graphs (Gephi) 2013-11-12

Gholami, Milad (milad621 at gmail): Anonymous Wikipedia edits from the US Senate 2013-11-12

Julien, Isaac (ijulien6 at gmail dot com): One Year of Email 2013-11-10

Malu, Meethu (meethu24 at gmail dot com) Exploring the MOOC Community on YouTube 2013-11-12

Parker, James: Analysis of the Web of Trust 2013-11-12

Sharmin, Mahfuza: Julia Roberts in YouTube 2013-11-12

Academic Papers

Bhattacherjee, Souvik (bsouvik at cs umd edu): The one-hop neighborhood of Paul Erdös 2013-11-12

Cui, Yuwei (ywcui at umd dot edu) A Peek into the High Energy Physicists’ Word 2013-11-12

Du, Fan (fan at cs.umd.edu) InfoVis + VAST Keyword Co-Occurrence Network Analysis 2013-11-12

Du, Ruofei (ruofei at cs dot umd dot edu) UIST Viz: 26 Years UIST Coauthor Network Visualization 2013-11-12


Gluck, Jonathan (jdg umd edu) NBA Contracts: Analysis by a Sports Agnostic 2013-11-09

Maidasani, Hitesh (hitmai@cs.umd.edu) Analyzing NBA Champions and the Player Efficiency Rating 2013-11-12

Segev, Yoav (segev at cs umd edu): ATP top 100 players 2013-11-10

Sorensen, Michael(mdsoren at umd edu) College Football as a Graph 2013-11-09

Computer Science

Memory, Alex (memory@cs.umd.edu) Visualizing Longitudinal Tag Co-Occurrence on Stack Overflow Questions with Gephi (Video) 2013-11-12

Sun, Jin (jinsun at cs.umd.edu) Explore the PASCAL VOC dataset using network analysis 2013-11-12


Brule, Joshua (jtcbrule@gmail.com): You can't stop the Firefly 2013-11-07

Enns, Peter (slunk umd edu) Analysis of Collaborations in Rap and Hip-Hop (Gephi) 2013-11-12


Kramida, Gregory (gkramida at cs umd edu) Analysiss of Stock Symbol Co-occurences in Financial Articles 2013-11-11


Fakhraei, Shobeir (shobeir [at] cs umd) Exploring Drug-Target Interaction Network with NodeXL 2013-11-12


Chao, Tiffany (tchao at cs.umd.edu) Exploring smitten kitchen 2013-11-12

Iyyer, Mohit (m.iyyer at gmail dot com) Analysis of Greek Mythology 2013-11-12

Manjunatha, Varun (varunm at cs.umd.edu) Analysis of Global Flight Route Data Using NodeXL 2013-11-12