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Term Projects

Term Projects (to be done in teams of 3-5 students): (Proposal due by email to, October 3, 2013, Thursday noon)

Create a new software tool to solve a problem for your customer (someone outside the class). Your proposal should give a title, the names/emails of the 3-5 team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, and who your customer is. Your Term Project teammates should be different from your team mates for your Application Project.

By October 10, 2013 Thursday noon: Post revised version of your proposal, with 10-15 item annotated reference list (journal & conference papers, plus web sites). Write a sentence to indicate the relevance of each reference to your project.

Typical organization for the final report would include an abstract (which describes the innovative results), Introduction (describe problem and current state of existing solutions), Previous & Related work, Your solution, Design issues, Implementation, Evaluation, Discussion, Future Work/Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Credits. Video (2-6 min) and Demo (if possible).

Draft of paper, video, (and possibly demo) are due December 6, 2013, Friday 9am.

Final version of paper, video, demo are due December 13, 2013, Friday 9am.

By December 16, 2013, post revised slides from your talk.

Grading Criteria for Term Projects

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Term Project Teams

MetroViz: Visual Analysis of Public Transportation Data - (D3)

  • Joshua Brulé, Fan Du, Peter Enns, Varun Manjunatha, Yoav Segev

( Report, Video, Source Code, Presentation)

EventScope: Extension of Pair Finder to Find Discriminative Event Patterns - (Web, Highcharts, Additions to EventFlow)

  • Andres Arellano, Shobeir Fakhraei, Gregory Kramida, Hao Li, Michael Sorensen

( Report, Demo Run the demo using Chrome, Video)

ViralViz: Visualizing Temporal Content Flow in Social Networks

  • Joshua Bradley, Nick Fung, Isaac Julien, Meethu Malu, Matthew Mauriello

( Report, Video, Final Report, Presentation)

Party Tracker: Visualizing Changes in Party Affiliation over Time

  • Souvik Bhattacherjee, Yuwei Cui, Mohit Iyyer, Alex Memory, James Parker

(Report, Demo, Video, Presentation)

C-Flow: Visualizing Foot Traffic and Profit Data to Make Informative Decisions - (Kinetic.js, D3.js, jQuery, Bootstrap)

  • Tiffany Chao, Ruofei Du, Jonathan Gluck, Hitesh Maidasani, Kent Wills

( Report, Video, Demo, Presentation, Source Code)

Twitter Trendfinder: Visualization and analysis of Twitter trends

  • Mahfuza Sharmin, Chris Imbriano, Peixin Gao, Milad Gholami, Jin Sun

( Report, Presentation,Demo, | Video)