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New 2014

Flowing Data's Best Data Viz for 2014

Visualization Blog;

Chiasson, Trina, Gregory, Dyanna and others, Data + Design: A simple introduction to preparing and visualizing information, Infoactive (2014).

Lima, Manuel, The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge, Princeton Architectural Press, New York (2014).

Borner, Katy and Polley, David E., Visual Insights: A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA (2014).

Murray, Scott, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, O'Reilly Media (2013). Amazon


Design and the Elastic Mind - MoMA

Talk to Me - MoMA

Data Art - BBC

Treemap Art Project

New 2013

Juice Analytics, Reston, VA company doing visualizations, useful website

Google Public Data

TV Is Dying, And Here Are The Stats That Prove It

Weave Open Web Platform

Supercomputing 2012 Visualization


MicroStrategy Desktop Analytics - Free

CNN Ecosphere

Where do Github users live?

The Supersizing of American Colleges

US Budget Visualization Using d3

Visualizing transit delays in real time for SF MUNI

InfoVis-Wiki, The Information Visualization Community Resource

When Ideas Have Sex - Matt Ridley TED talk

Twitter Data Analytics book

Data Visualization DC Meetup

SAP Design Guild Highlight on Information Visualization

New Yorker magazine visualization of subways & neighborhoods, revealing income inequality

Jonathan Corum at Tapestry Conference, Feb 2013, Story Telling with Data Video Slides

Bret Victor, Feb 2013, Drawing Dynamic Visualizations, Video.

Five Greatest Visualizations

New 2012

Visual Analytics Data Library from Georgia Tech

Powsner on Healthcare

Seminal Information Visualization Papers IBM Video on data visualization (15 min) Column Five Media produced the book "Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling" Mark Newman's cartograms of US election


InfoVis-Wiki, The Information Visualization Community Resource

Fell in Love with Data, Enrico Bertini

FlowingData, Nathan Yau

Infosthetics (information aesthetics) - Where form follows data, Andrew Vande Moere

PolicyViz Jon Schwabish

Visualizing - A community of creative people working to make sense of complex issues through data and design

Visualizing Data, Andy Kirk

Visualizing Economics Catherine Mulbrandon

Visual Insights Stella Lau Gallery and Tools

Good InfoGraphics - a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks, Manuel Lima (a list of noteworthy visualizations from many domains)

Information is Beautiful - A blog on "Ideas, issues, knowledge, data - visualized", by David McCandless

PerceptualEdge, Excellent, thoughtful, in-depth articles by Stephen Few

Info Vis Reports - Interviews, Essays, by John C. Dürsteler

Info Vis Resources (Not a blog, Other)

New York Data Visualization and Infographics - Meetup

World Water Day Visualization Challenge

Mozilla Open Data Visualization Competition

‘Visualisations in the wild’ contest: The winner!

Cool Infographics has links to more blogs & websites

Visualize This: TV’s top earners One version: Treemap in Spotfire

Online Interactive Visualizations and Tools


ManyEyes - IBM Shared Visualization

Google Ngram Viewer " Type in a word or phrase in one of seven languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese) and see how its usage frequency has been changing throughout the past few centuries.", made by Google research group Culturomics.

Wordle - Tag cloud generator, with many typographical and design varieties

University of Virginia's Center for Digital History - visualization authoring system called VisualEyes ( that makes it easy to create highly interactive web-based visualizations. See video demo:

List of Tools (Benjamin Wiederkehr)


Examples of Web visualizations for general users: Viz4all 2006 and 2005

Fedex interactive global data experience project

Washington Post: POTUS (President of the US) Tracker} as a treemap. Users can see the number of meetings on different issues since the start of the Obama administration. Clicking on a box produces a full list of the meetings. And here’s the blog post about how they did the Flash/Flare implementation:

Visual Survey of Tree Visualizations - a thoughtful taxonomy of tree structures (Poster)

A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods - a playful idea, but not a rigorous framework (Single vis)

Charles Booth Online Archive (London poverty maps)

Washington Post: TimeSpace: World TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe.

Hive Group treemap of Obama FY2012 budget

OECD Regional Statistics

Stanford PhD dissertation browser

Edward Segal's list of journalistic visualizations

New York Times


Hans Rosling's Wonderful talks:

Joy of Stats, Open University

Ben Shneiderman's videos:

15 Views of a Node Link Graph: An Information Visualization Portfolio - by Tamara Munzer, Google Tech Talk

Voyagers and Voyeurs: Supporting Collaborative Information Visualization, Jeff Heer

Data Sources

Google Public Data

Official boundaries of the United States, such as states, counties, etc

Link to more free shapefile maps

Pete Warden, Data Source Handbook, O'Reilly Media

Congressional Data Index

NY Times Congressional Data

Data Sources for Social Scientists

Statical information shared by European Union

  • Themes include economy, trade, environment, energy, population, agriculture, transport, science & technology, etc

GapMinder data

Information visualization applications from HCIL

TimeSearcher —

Hierarchical Clustering Explorer (HCE) —


Spacetree —

Treemap —

TreeVersity -

Temporal Event Sequences

Patternfinder -

Lifelines 2 —

Similan -

LifeFlow -

EventFlow -

Network Analysis

NetLens -

SocialAction —

NetVis by Semantic Substrate —

NodeXL Software & Papers —

NodeXL Graph Gallery -

NodeXL Teaching Resources

Programming Tools

D3 Resources

D3.js is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. This is the hot open source tool that does excellent animations and interaction.

d3 tutorial presented in VizWeek2012 by Bostock and Heer

John Guerra's "Why to use D3" presentation

Crockford on Javascript Video Series

Showcase of D3 options

Nice Mike Bostock's Workshops on D3

Another Workshop on D3 (check for Enter, Update, Exit)

Xmdv Tool - WPI (Matt Ward)

Flare Data Visualization for the Web Nice animations, but this platform is less in fashion.

Weave, from UMass-Lowell, Open Source web-based visualization platform

Google Visualization API Gallery

Google has opened up their data visualizer to the public and created a new standard format for datasets.

InfoVis CyberInfrastructure - Indiana Univ (Katy Borner)

Network Workbench (NWB) Tool - Indiana Univ (Katy Borner)

InfoVis Toolkit - INRIA (Jean-Daniel Fekete)

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

Piccolo Toolkit (2D Zooming) - Univ of Maryland (Ben Bederson)

  • A Structured 2D Graphics Framework, new home page
  • Languages: Java and C#
  • Features: zooming, animation and multiple representations

Processing (Ben Fry and Casey Reas, formerly MIT Media Lab members)

  • Open source programming language and integrated development environment (IDE).
  • "For the electronic arts and visual design communities with the purpose of teaching the basics of computer programming in a visual context, and to serve as the foundation for electronic sketchbooks."
  • Processing.js "makes your data visualizations, digital art, interactive animations, educational graphs, video games, etc. work using web standards and without any plug-ins. You write code using the Processing language, include it in your web page, and Processing.js does the rest."
  • Exhibitions (samples) : 1 2

Prefuse Info Visualization Toolkit - Stanford Univ (Jeff Heer)

Protovis Graphical Toolkit for Visualization - Stanford Univ (Jeff Heer)

  • Uses JavaScript and SVG for web-native visualizations (no plugin required)
  • "Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction."
  • Usage: Program & define your data in javascript, the libraries render method generates an svg file. Modern web browsers directly visualize the result.
    • Tip (for extending the libraries use to any computing environment/language, not tested)
      • Use a javascript engine (ex google's v8) to execute protovis javascript and generate svg diagram
      • Convert svg to a raster file format (ex: use imagemagick command line)
      • Load raster file and display the result in your application platform
  • Samples : 1
  • Publication : 1

Source version control systems




Source forge:


Collaboration tools



Mendeley (references manager):

Zotero (references manager):

Information visualization resources

Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) —

Info Vis Journals & Conferences —

Open Directory: Information Visualization —

Online Library of Info Vis Environments (1997) —

ATT Info Vis —

Pacific Northwest National Labs, Information Visualization —

Visual Analytics Community —

Chaomei Chen’s Home page —

Information Visualization Journal —

Newsmap (Weskamp) —

Hearst’s Berkeley InfoVis (2000) —

Dodge’s Cyberspace Atlas —

Friendly’s Gallery of Data Visualization —

John Goodall’s Resources —

Munzner’s Information Visualization Class Page —

ILOG Discovery —

HCIL Products —

CMU StatLib —

National Center for Health Statistics —

SPIE Visual Data Analysis —

PNAS Mapping Knowledge Domains —

IEEE Info Vis 2004 —

IEEE Info Vis Contest 2004 —

Int’l Conf. on Info Vis—

VizTree download

Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus -

Wikipedia Resources

Information visualization -

Social network analysis -

Social network analysis software -

Treemapping -

Commercial tools


Corda CenterView

DataDescription Inc. DataDesk

HiveGroup Honeycomb (Treemap)

I2 Investigative Analysis --Now--> I2& CoLink



Inxight (hyperbolic trees) --Now--> SAP Business Objects (startrees, Xcelsius Dashboards)



MicroStrategy Desktop Analytics

Netviz --Now--> CA netViz

Palantir Government & Finance


Qlikview (from Qliktech)


SAS Visual Analytics overview

SAS JMP -Visual Discovery



Tableau Software Training: Guide:


Visual Analytics

Information Visualization Journals

International Journal of Human Computer Interaction

Visualization and Data Analysis

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics

Book bibliography

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