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Application Projects

Application Report (to be done in pairs): (Proposal due by email to Monday noon, February 16, 2015, Project due as link to document below: Monday 6pm, March 2, 2015)

Use an existing software tool, such as Tableau, Spotfire, QlikView, HCE, TimeSearcher, Treemap, EventFlow, or NodeXL to thoroughly explore a data set of your choice. Report what you found in the form of three headlines that highlight key features, insights, and significant findings. Present 3-6 informative interactive displays (be sure to include legends, make labels readable, and write thoughtful captions) and write 500-1000 words explaining what you have found. At least one of your informative displays should demonstrate coordinated windows or a trellised view. Include your names, email addresses, date, and affiliation. Please describe the data sets you use, indicating number of items and attributes, as well as the source and URL. Critique the tools you used, describing positive aspects, problems you encountered, and suggestions for improvements.

Your proposal should give a title, the names/emails of the two team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, plus its source. Your Application Report teammate should be different from your team mates for your Semester Project.

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Application Project Teams

Personal Health Records

Data Analysis and Insights for Personal Health Records (PHR) System Design: Deok Gun Park and Myco Paulo (Tableau) Demo1 Demo2

Patient Centric Design using Personal Health Records (PHR): Majeed Kazemitabaar and Rotem Katzir (using HCE and Tableau)

Drug Prescription Patterns

Visualization of Drug Prescription Patterns: Seokbin Kang and Jonggi Hong (Tableau)

Patching Security Vulnerabilities

Visualizing Factors that Contribute to the Patching Rate of Vulnerabilities - Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Zheng Xu (Tableau, HCE, tried TimeSearcher)

Understanding Dynamics of Software Security Patch Deployment Slides - Peter Mancini, Weiwei Yang (Tableau)

Scholar Citation Statistics

Academic Citations: the Past and the Future (revised version) - Xing Niu, Elizabeth McNany (Tableau)

CATT Event Response

Analyzing Response to Vehicular Incidents with Tableau - Benjamin Bengfort, Bor-Chun Chen (Tableau)

Bureau of Labor Statistics data visualization

Employment Rate Visualization and Analysis - Xintong Han, Arunesh Mathur (Tableau)

Visualizing Employment Situation Report Revisions - Hanlun Song, Ganesh Hegde

Genomic Data Visualization

Insight through Genomic Data Visualization - Assaf Magen, Hao Zhou (HCE, Tableau)