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Sign up to do a critique by replacing one of the AAA, BBB, CCC, DDD with your name. Critiques should be sent to the four authors and to by 6pm Friday May 8(use the email, not an attachment). For extra credit you may sign up to do a second critique.

TimeGrouper: Visualizing the Global Decay of Vulnerabilities (Deok Gun Park, Myco Paulo, Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Zheng Xu)

  • Xing Niu, Weiwei Yang, Benjamin Bengfort, Seokbin Kang

Pills: Visualization of Drug Prescription Patterns (Ganesh Hegde, Seokbin Kang, Arunesh Mathur, Weiwei Yang)

  • Deok Gun Park, Rotem Katzir, Assaf Magen, Elizabeth McNany
  • Second Critique: Jonggi Hong

TrackNet: Visualizing Third-Party Web Tracking History for End Users (Majeed Kazemitabaar, Elizabeth McNany, Xing Niu, Hanlun Song)

  • Bor-Chun Chen, Myco Paulo, Peter Mancini, Jonggi Hong
  • Second Critique: Weiwei Yang, Rotem Katzir, Arunesh Mathur

Urban Institute: Visualizing the Employment Situation Reports

Visual Analysis of the Employment Situation in the United States (Benjamin Bengfort, Xintong Han, Assaf Magen, Hao Zhou)

  • Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Arunesh Mathur, Zheng Xu, Majeed Kazemitabaar

Analyze and Visualize Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Employment Report (Peter Mancini, Rotem Kazir, Jonggi Hong, Bor-Chun Chen)

  • Ganesh Hegde,Hao Zhou, Xintong Han, Hanlun Song
  • Second Critique: Zheng Xu, Majeed Kazemitabaar