Homework Number 2

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Homework #2: Network analysis using NodeXL (Due on Wednesday 6pm, April 8, 2015)

You may form your own team of two people (who you are not working with on other projects) and let me know by Monday noon March 16, then I will assign teams and post through Piazza.

Use NodeXL (http://www.codeplex.com/nodexl) to analyze and display your social media or other network. Get a network to work with (100-1000 nodes is reasonable, but larger or smaller ones like the class members are acceptable). See examples and get data sets from http://www.nodexlgraphgallery.org You can get a network from any one of these sources:

1) Import part of your Outlook email using NodeXL

2) Import a twitter/youtube/flickr network using NodeXL

3) Import a publication citation or other network

4) Create a network, e.g. the partnerships in this course, your family/friends, or a citation network

Explore with NodeXL, then describe the data, create 3 screengrabs with 3 headlines of what you found. For each headline, add a paragraph of text explaining what you did and a paragraph of what you found that was an interesting insight. Close with a paragraph critique of your NodeXL experience, describing positive aspects, problems you encountered, and suggestions for improvements.

If you prefer, you may use Gephi for this homework. If you want to use other tools, please send me email (ben@cs.umd.edu)

Link to your PDF report below in the wiki. Always include you names, emails, and the date.

Marc Smith's Blog Post on NodeXL projects


Web / Online

Bengfort, Benjamin (bengfort@cs.umd.edu) and Xirogiannopoulos, Konstantinos (kostasx@cs.umd.edu): Visual Discovery of Communication Patterns in Email Networks 2015-04-06

Niu, Xing (xingniu@cs.umd.edu) and Zhou, Hao (zhhoper@gmail.com): Static Analysis of Third-Party Web Tracking [ PDF, PPTX (better image quality) ] 2015-04-06

Xu, Zheng (xuzhustc@gmail.com) and Yang, Weiwei (wwyang@cs.umd.edu): Visualization and Analysis of Email Network Patterns 2015-04-06

Academic / HCI Research

Kang, Seokbin (sbkang@umd.edu) and Song, Hanlun (hanlun.song@gmail.com) : Analysis on Interest, Institutes, and Clusters of HCI Research

Flight Network

Han, Xintong (hixintonghan@gmail.com) and McNany, Elizabeth (beth@cs.umd.edu): Visualization of the Flight Network in the United States

Social Networks

Katzir, Rotem (rotemkat@gmail.com) and Hegde, Ganesh (hegde1@umbc.edu): Cherry Blossom Festival on Twitter

Mathur, Arunesh (amathur@umd.edu) and Chen, Bor-Chun (sirius@umd.edu): Github Repositories Network Visualization

Park, Deok Gun (intuinno@umd.edu) and Mancini, Peter (petri1123@gmail.com): Visualizing the Enigma that is Elon Musk

Hong, Jonggi (jonggi.hong@gmail.com) and Kazemitabaar, Majeed (majeed.kazemitabaar@gmail.com) Exploring Issues about Maryland based on Twitter Network

Metabolic Networks

Magen, Assaf (amagen@umd.edu) and Paulo, Myco (mpaulo@umd.edu): Human Metabolic Network Visualization