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Term Projects

Term Projects (to be done in teams of 4-5 students): (Proposal due by email to, Monday 6pm, February 23, 2015)

Create a new software tool to solve a problem for your customer (someone outside the class). Your proposal should give a title, the names/emails of the 3-5 team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, and who your customer is. Your Term Project teammates should be different from your team mates for your Application Project.

Initial Proposal: By Monday 6pm, March 9, 2015: Post your team name & project title, linked to the revised version of your proposal(add to the bottom of this page) with 10-15 item annotated reference list (journal & conference papers, plus web sites). Write a sentence to indicate the relevance of each reference to your project.

Initial Designs: By Wednesday 6pm, March 25, 2015: Post two versions of your design (can be scanned paper sketch, Balsamiq mockup, Powerpoint, Photoshop drawing, etc.), with descriptions of how it will work.

Usability Test Questions: By Monday 6pm March 30, 2015: Post 4-8 usability test questions you will use.

Typical organization for the final report would include an abstract (which describes the innovative results), Introduction (describe problem and current state of existing solutions), Previous & Related work, Your solution, Design issues, Implementation, Evaluation, Discussion, Future Work/Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Credits. Video (2-6 min) and Demo (if possible).

Draft of paper, video, (and possibly demo) are due on the web by class time Tuesday 9am, May 5, 2015

Critiques are due by email to authors and by Friday 6pm, May 8, 2015

Final version of paper, video, demo are due on the web Monday 6pm, May 11, 2015

By Friday 6pm, May 15, 2015, post revised slides from your talk.

Grading Criteria for Term Projects

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Term Project Teams

TimeGrouper: Visualizing the Global Decay of Vulnerabilities

PILLS: Interactive Visualization for Medication Adherence Exploration

TrackNet: Visualizing Third-Party Web Tracking History for End Users

Urban Institute: Visualizing the Employment Situation Report

Visual Analysis of the Employment Situation in the United States

BLSVisualizer: Analyze and Visualize Bureau of Labor Statistics Monthly Employment Report