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CMSC 798F: How to Conduct Great Research, Spring 2015

Dept of Computer Science, University of Maryland
 Prof. Ben Shneiderman

Class hours: Tuesdays: 2:00-2:50pm Room: CSIC 3119

Ben Shneiderman Office Hours: Tues Thurs 11am-noon Room: AVW 3177 Phone: 301-405-2680 Email:

Topics: Conducting great research is a key component of graduate work and beyond. This course will develop research skills so as to promote high quality and high impact.

Homework: Students will read papers, websites, and books... and view videos. There will be two team projects:

(1) Research Report on a current or recently completed research project in the CS, UMIACS, or related units. Then we will promote this work through web-based and social media postings, blogs, videos, Twitter, etc. and assess efficacy for different strategies.

(2) NSF Proposal Summary, Prepare an 1-page NSF proposal summary based on a current NSF Program announcement. Then critique a proposal by email, and then revise your proposal.

Possible project: Collect resources and create a wiki to help guide future computer science students in performing high-quality and high-impact research.

Grading: Class attendance, discussion participation, homework, and contribution to team projects will determine grades.

Human Resources: Brandi Adams, Dept of CS Communications Director,, Prof. John Grant

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