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Locational Infrastructure for AR-Assisted Search and Navigation - Team 4: Greg, Eric, Josh Brulé, and Xuetong. Response to CHS.

-- Weiwei Yang, Zebao Gao, Sina Deghani, DDD

Provably secure proof of identity from the silicon up - Dorri, Faezeh, Koc, Ugur, Ruef, Andrew, and Yang, Weiwei. Response to SaTC TWC.

-- labichn, Zikai Wen, Youndo Lee, Bor-Chun Chen

Model-Based Testing Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis - Nicholas Chong-Eng Fung, Zebao Gao, Mohamed Khaled Gunady and Emily Kowalczyk. Response to Expeditions in Computing.

-- Ugur Koc, Andrew Ruef, Mahmoud Sayed, DDD

Large-Scale Graph Exploration and Analytics on Relational Data - Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Zheng Xu, Hossein Esfandiari, Peter Sutor Jr. In Response to NSF

-- Benjamin Bengfort, Nikolaos Kofinas, Alex Memory, Joshua Brulé

Visual Analytics System for Distress Situation Awareness using Retrieved Images from Social Networks - Mahyar Najibi, Deok Gun Park and Alex Memory

-- Xuetong Sun, Alison Smith, Neal Gupta, Saeed Seddighin

Unsupervised detection of genomic interaction motifs - Assaf Magen, Xi Yi, Nikolaos Kofinas, Nicholas Labich

-- Faezeh Dorri, Mohamed Gunady, Stephen Herwig, Josh Bradley

Algorithmic Enhancements to Disease Propagation Models - Ahmed Abdelrazek, Brian Brubach, Neal Gupta, and Karthik Sankararaman

-- Assaf Magen, Mingchao Shao, Xi Yi, Arunesh Mathur

Using Augmented Reality to Study 3D Microscopic Data - Team 3: Joshua Glen Bradley, Youndo Lee, Varun Manjunatha, Hong Wei. In Response to Expeditions in Computing.

-- Eric Krokos, Gregory Kramida, Emily Kowalczyk, Ahmed Abdelrazek

Evolving the Internet for Scalability and Security with Content-Centric Networking - Stephen Herwig, Mingchao Shao, Arunesh Mathur, and Benjamin Bengfort. Response to CNS Core Programs.

-- Konstantinos Xirogiannopoulos, Nick Fung, Huijing Gong, DDD

Analyzing Big Data, from Social Networks to Neuroscience - Melika Abolhasani, Bor-Chun Chen, Ahmed Ghoneim and Saeed Seddighin. In Response to NSF BD Hubs

-- Zheng Xu, Peter Sutor, Karthik Abinav S, Mahyar Najibi

PAL: A Personalized, Adaptive Learning Tool for K-12 Education - Alison Smith, Sina Deghani, Huijing Gong, Mahmoud Sayed. In Response to Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies

-- Hossein Esfandiari, Ahmed Ghoneim, Hong Wei, Brian Brubach