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CVSS was held as a journal club on Thursdays at 4pm in AVW 4424.

Date Discussion Leader Title
July 3 Jason Filippou Probabilistic Event Calculus based on Markov Logic Networks. Skarlatidis et al., RuleML '11 (Slides)

Event Modeling and Recognition using Markov Logic Networks. Tran and Davis, ECCV '08
A Probabilistic Logic Programming Event Calculus. Skarlatidis et al., TPLP '14

July 11 David Shaw Graphical Models. Jordan, StatSci '04

Nonparametric Belief Propagation. Sudderth et al., Commun. ACM '10

July 18 Sameh Khamis Coupling Detection and Data Association for Multiple Object Tracking. Wu et al, CVPR '12

Discrete-Continuous Optimization for Multi-Target Tracking. Andriyenko et al, CVPR '12
Multi-target Tracking by Lagrangian Relaxation to Min-Cost Network Flow. Butt and Collins, CVPR '13

July 25 No Meeting
August 1 Raviteja Vemulapalli Structured Learning and Prediction in Computer Vision. Nowozin and Lampert, now publishers '11 (Chapter 6)

Kernelized Structural SVM Learning for Supervised Object Segmentation. Bertelli et al, CVPR '11

August 8 Varun Nagaraja Fixing Max-Product: Convergent Message Passing Algorithms for MAP LP-Relaxations. Globerson and Jaakkola, NIPS '07

Tightening LP Relaxations for MAP using Message Passing. Sontag et al, UAI '08

August 15 Le Kang Gradient-Based Learning Applied to Document Recognition. LeCun et al, IEEE '98

Tutorial on Implementing a Convolutional Neural Network with Theano.

August 22 Varun Manjunatha Learning Deep Architectures for AI. Bengio, now publishers '09