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Scientific Evaluation Methods for Visual Analytics Science and Technology

"A resource for everyone interested in the evaluation of Visual Analytics"

Edited by Catherine Plaisant, Jean Scholtz, Georges Grinstein, and you if you wish!

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  • 3/5: The Call for papers for CG&A Special Issue (Computer Graphics and Applications) on Visual Analytics Evaluation is posted at IEEE. COMMENTS and QUESTIONS WELCOME! If your article is expanded from a workshop or conference paper, CG&A policy is as follow: you should provide in your cover letter a citation to the Original publication, then briefly summarize (50 words or less) what new material you have added for this submission (at least 25%). This must include new results or insights, not just additional description.
  • 3/5: Our paper on the VAST contest is highlighted in the March/April 2008 issue of CG&A
  • 2/20: The Semvast mailing list has been created! Go ahead and sign up...


Evaluation activities

  • VAST 2008 Challenge - now replacing the VAST contest. Data sets with ground truth are provided in March and teams use their VA tools to search for suspicious activities and submit their answers by July 2008. Certificates of excellence will be awarded. All participants will be able to compare their work during a workshop organized at the VAST symposium. In order to provide more opportunities for increased participation we now offer an overall Grand Challenge as well as several smaller Mini Challenges.

Workshops and events we organized or participated in

  • Beliv'08 a full day workshop we co-organized, April 5th 2008 at the ACM CHI 2008 conference in Florence
  • Financial Visual Analytics Workshop (Dec 3-4 2007) organized by the SouthEast RVAC at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and we participated in (Note: a data set of financial transactions with known ground truth will to be available soon).

Educational Activities

  • We are working with Chris North from Virginia Tech to understand about how to best use the VAST ground truth datasets in class projects. Chris now used VAST Contest Datasets in his VT fall 2007 class and again now in his VT Spring 2008 class


  • (coming soon) Discussion of proposed metrics for evaluating Social Network Analysis VA tools and Geo-spatial tools (in relation with the VAST 2008 Mini Challenges)


Data Sets and Contests

 September 21 - 24, 2008, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Digital Library

The Visual Analytics Digital Library

National Visualization & Analytics Center

NEW PAPERS (will grow into a bibliography)

Related websites

NSF and Science organize the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.
here the 3 evaluation criteria are: 1) Visual Impact (i.e. successfully conveying the research to its intended audience enabling new scientific insight by demonstrating artistic talent and a command of the principles of design), 2) Effective Communication (i.e. portraying the phenomena, principles, concepts and research context effectively and clearly), and 3) Freshness/Originality.


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