Part 1 Test Files

From CMSC 420

Upload and post Part 1 test files here.

You will need to right-click these and do a Save As... just copying/pasting them from your browser will not work. You may also need to copy the <command> tag (excluding the spatialWidth and spatialHeight attributes) from a given, updated test file for some of these to validate correctly.

If you have downloaded and ran someone's test files, mark on the wiki that you verify if outputs correctly. If you have a problem with a test file, mark it on the wiki and discuss it on the forum or possibly on the talk page (although more people would probably see it on the CS forum).

Note for Spring 2012: In the input file for most of the tests, make sure to update the noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute in the <command> tag from "" to "" or your local "part1in.xsd".

Public Tests[edit]

Colin's Test Files[edit]

These files have been verified by User:Ben Zoller User:Cconroy User:vl.