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CMSC420 -- Data Structures[edit]

Welcome to the CMSC 420 STUDENT Wiki. This is a resource for you to use as you see fit. You can modify any page you see, as well as add new ones. Editing a wiki is pretty easy, but if you've never used one before you can look at the Wikitext examples, MediaWiki Editing Help, Wikipedia's intro or the MediaWiki FAQ.

The idea behind this wiki is to let you, the students, collaborate on organizing the information in this course in a way that makes sense to you, from your perspective. Instead of having notes, slides, specs, and questions and answers scattered all over, you can organize, annotate, and link to information all in one place.

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MeeshQuest Project[edit]

Class Google Doc to Study (build on past semesters):[1]

Link to 420 Glossary: [2]

How To Start the Project[edit]

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Data Structures[edit]