Part 2 Test Files

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Upload and post Part 2 test files here.

You will need to right-click these and do a Save As... just copying/pasting them from your browser will not work.

If you have downloaded and ran someone's test files, mark on the wiki that you verify if outputs correctly. If you have a problem with a test file, mark it on the wiki and discuss it on the forum or possibly on the talk page (although more people would probably see it on the CS forum).

Colin's Test Files[edit]

These files have been verified by User:Ben Zoller User:Cconroy User:vl.

John Demme's Test Files[edit]

These files have been verified by John Demme, User:Cconroy User:vl.

Andrew's Test Files[edit]

Verified by User:Cconroy User:vl

A modified version of Colin P's deleteCity. It deals with the two types of successful delete (mapped and unmapped cities) and the cityNotExisting error. Since I'm failing the release test for deleteCity, I was wondering if someone could verify my output. Nothing seems to jump out at me.

The TA's Gnarly Input Generator Script[edit]

This is a python script to generate large inputs for testing and timing. Put your times up on the Part 1 Speed Page -- if you dare....

Extension to John's boundary rangeCities test file[edit]

This tests for pruning you might be doing while ranging. Verified by Colin Powers and User:vl.

John's B Tree Test Files[edit]

  • Verified by: John, Maxim
  • These are pretty general and rely on a generic BTree. Some of the tests are pretty much just sanity checks, but the core functionality should be very well tested with this.

John's Part 2 Test Files[edit]

  • Verified by: John
  • I took Max's part3 test files and ripped whatever I could out of it, then corrected it for start/end ordering and such. Anyway, this should get you most of the way there. A more gnarly shortestPath test would be nice.

Ryan's Nearest City Matlab Script Generator[edit]

  • This script runs with Matlab, just input the number of cities you want to create and a filename to save the generated input file - nearestCity(numPoints, fileName). Basically, the script randomly picks two points in a 1024x1024 window, point A and B. Point A is used for reference, while point B is actually mapped. The distance between A and B represents the minimum distance all other points must have from the reference point A. As each new point is generated, a road is mapped from the new point to point B, this way roads shouldn't intersect. (Intersections will occur on a VERY, VERY rare basis.) Run the input file and check that the output finds the nearestCity "near". I didn't feel like creating the xml output, so I just look at the last line of the output for the nearest city.
  • I created 20 cities and that was sufficient for finding my errors. I have it so that Matlab plots the roads.
  • As a note - I was passing all the tests on Part 1 for nearest city and failing them on Part 2 - now I pass them.
  • Also, this script can be modified (with relative ease) to check rangeCities. If I have the time I might make create that as well.

Mike's Java PMQuadtree Input Generator[edit]

  • I made a program that will generate some tests files for you. It can test most things in a PM Quadtree except for shortest path, but it wouldn't be that hard for you to add a test for that into your program.
  • I also put up some examples with my output. I'm passing the release tests for part 3 so hypothetically these outputs are all correct.
    • [1] - Program (Updated 5/16 at 2:20 PM, Version 1.2)
    • [2] - New Tests (Updated 5/16 at 2:20 PM)
  • Regards, Mike Bentley

PMQuadtree Creator/Editor[edit]

  • This is my Java made program which allows you to visually create PMQuadtrees rather than type it into the XML files
  • The jar is runnable without cmd prompt if you so prefer
  • A few notes:
    • The command box is at the bottom, help gives you a list of commands and some info on usage
    • There may be bugs saving when you use a file input rather than make a new quadtree
    • If there are any problems, my email is
  • Link: [3]