Part 3 Test Files

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Upload and post Part 3 test files here.

You will need to right-click these and do a Save As... just copying/pasting them from your browser will not work.

If you have downloaded and ran someone's test files, mark on the wiki that you verify if outputs correctly. If you have a problem with a test file, mark it on the wiki and discuss it on the forum or possibly on the talk page (although more people would probably see it on the CS forum).

Jesse's Unit Tests[edit]

  • Tests the HexTrie Bplus and Bstar for put and remove. Verifies the HexTrie has the correct keys/guides/values/children in each node. Don't use Save As... Just click on the link.

You need to add in this method to your HexTrie to get the tests to work:

public Node<K,V> getRootNode(){

Chris Conroy's Test Files[edit]

  • Verified by Chris (Updated Nearest/Range Road test & Added NearestCityToRoad Test 11:40pm, Tues)
  • See This Unit Test if you want a quick way of regression testing against part 2 stuff.
    • Nearest City To Road tester. Checks for cities along the boundary, error cases, and name ordering for ties. (Note, after passing this test my release score went up 20 points, so it at least constitutes a subset of valid nearestCityToRoad tests)

J Stuckey's Test Files[edit]

Mike's Java PMQuadtree Input Generator[edit]

  • I made a program that will generate some tests files for you. It can test most things in a PM Quadtree except for shortest path, but it wouldn't be that hard for you to add a test for that into your program.
  • I also put up some examples with my output. I'm passing the release tests for part 3 so hypothetically these outputs are all correct.
    • [1] - Program (Updated 5/16 at 2:20 PM, Version 1.2)
    • [2] - New Tests (Updated 5/16 at 2:20 PM)
  • Regards, Mike Bentley