How To Start the Project

From CMSC 420
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  1. Download the updated JAR file: cmsc420util.jar
  2. Download all given input and output files:
  3. Read the spec (several times if necessary) and take note of important details
  4. Start a new project in Eclipse (or your favorite IDE)
  5. Add the external JAR file in Eclipse: Right-click on your new project->Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries tab->Add External JAR. To add the source and javadoc, click the plus sign and attach them.
  6. Download the project starter file if there is one. This link is from Spring 2017.
  7. Add the project starter file: Right click your project, choose Import, then Archive File, browse to the starter archive, file. Finish. Alternatively create your own class and paste the text into it.
  8. Download XmlCompare plugin for Eclipse.
    1. In Eclipse, Help->Software Updates->Find and Install
    2. Search for new features to install
    3. Check Eclipse Project Updates, Finish
    4. Under Eclipse Project Updates, find the version you are running (Help|About), check Eclipse SDK Examples
    5. Next, accept, Next, Finish, (wait), Install All
    6. Restart Eclipse
    • (Note: this installs lots of unwanted crud, and ate my line:col statusbar display; to fix it, exit Eclipse, go into $HOME/.eclipse/org.eclipse.sdk.ide/updates/eclipse/plugins and delete everything you didn't ask for)
    • To use: select two .xml files in the Navigator, right click, compare with->each other
  9. Once you have everything set up, go through the spec and think about what classes you will need and how they will interact with each other. Some suggestions: draw it out on a whiteboard/ paper or create empty classes with names in your IDE as you go through and then later fill in the classes with everything they need. Once you have a good idea of what to do start coding! Good luck!